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Revival Fire Church|Switzerland

Wir sehen wie sich die dämonischen Mächte aufmachen, wie sie die Menschen weg von Gott zerren, und wie sie Menschen besitzen und kontrollieren. Es macht uns Freude, wenn solche Menschen befreit werden durch Jesus.

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Jeremia 33.6 Lord, in the Name of Jesus bring healing upon my city and my country, restore my city and reveal great peace and your truth. Lord take away all bondages from...(name of the |more

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I wish you a happy and prosperious new year and I request you come to Uganda and encourage the church of God.


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Revival Fire Church

Friday 26.09.2014 20:00- Philemon Okth is founder of the MIRACLELAND MINISTRIES with more than 100 churches by now. His churches are spread over the east and west of Kenia/Africa, most of them in poor regions. He has 110 Pastors and more than 50 Evangelists. He has also taken responsibility for mo



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