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Apr 26, 2019

Yahusha Son of God

The vast majority of Christians refer to the Son of God as Jesus, unaware of His true name, Yahusha. Why is this? Jesus is actually the English translation of the Latin translation of the Greek translation of the Hebrew name Yahusha. Once one knows His |more

Apr 26, 2019

Pet tech

Technology has rapidly gotten more advanced in recent years. And one area that hasn't been left out is the pet industry. Pet tech is new pet technology such as smart dog toys and cat gadgets. Some of these gadgets are toys to entertain pets, some are |more

Apr 26, 2019

Advancements in Aquatics

Up until the past couple decades, fish keepers have only had one option for housing their scaly pets, a rectangle glass tank. But now there are thankfully an evergrowing amount of unique fish aquariums becoming available on the market.    Fish |more

Apr 25, 2019

Modern birds

Birds are amazing, intelligent and even majestic creatures. Here is some adive if you are planning to adopt a bird.   Those interested in adopting any of these birds must make sure they can devote the time, attention and finacial means needed to do |more