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Advancements in Aquatics

Apr 26, 2019

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Up until the past couple decades, fish keepers have only had one option for housing their scaly pets, a rectangle glass tank. But now there are thankfully an evergrowing amount of unique fish aquariums becoming available on the market. 


Fish aquariums are no longer just made for use, but they're also now made for looks. Luxury and modern fish tanks now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, materials and types.



Though you can now find fish aquariums in white, and the occasional red, blue or green, black still reigns supreme in this department.



Contemporary fish tanks come in a variety of sizes to suit everyone's taste. For those who like small fish, few fish or a tank that has very easy maintenance, there's the nanotank, which is usually around just 5 gallons. For those who like large fish or a lot of them, there are jumbo size tanks such as 55 gallons plus. And then there's everything in between.



This is the area where you can get really creative with your tank. There are new brands popping up all the time with very unique shapes so you can choose one whuch best fits the enviroment. 



This is the area which has't changed much in the aquatic industry. WHile acrylic tanks are quickly becoming popular, the glass tank is still the most common. And there's not much else to choose from.



The fish tank is still by far the most popular type of aquarium, but there are other, more exotic types, being introduced. One of these is the jellyfish tank. Another even newer type of aquarium is the searhorse tank. What will come next is anyone's guess.