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Yahusha Son of God

Apr 26, 2019

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The vast majority of Christians refer to the Son of God as Jesus, unaware of His true name, Yahusha. Why is this? Jesus is actually the English translation of the Latin translation of the Greek translation of the Hebrew name Yahusha. Once one knows His true name wouldn't they want to call their Savior by it, instead of a false name? Many who learn of His true name do call Him by Yahusha. But there are also many who stick to Jesus because that is what they've always known Him by. This reminds me alot of the holiday stance. It is becoming more and more known these days that Easter and Christmas, the 2 main Christian holidays actually have nothing to do with Yahusha and are entirely pagan in origin. But many who find this out still end up celebrating them because that's what they've always done, it's a family tradition. Following tradition instead of truth is called out by Yahuah many times in Scripture. So why would a Chrisitian still choose to follow tradition over truth knowing this? Maybe becuase they aren't a Christian at heart, only in name. 


Which are you? Knowing our Savoir's true name are you still going to follow tradition and call Him Jesus?