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Brand new generic Super Vilitra solves two main problems in men's sexual life and treats untimely ejaculation P.E. and erectile dysfunction E.D. Combination of Vardenafil and Dapoxetine has gained a good reputation among other preparations. Vardenafil acts as PDE-5 inhibitor and Dapoxetine as a safe SSRI which provides long lasting sex with strong erection

Vilitra uses:

Viagra tablets are quite strong medicines based on sildenafil. What is sildenafil? It is an active substance which is the insurance for a stable erection. Viagra is not a stimulant and begins to work only when a man has sexual desire. Thanks to this, Viagra does not cause “surprise” creation and other inappropriate phenomena. Viagra has a quick and intense action and doesn’t cause addiction.

It is manufactured in the form of blue color tabs, covered with a shell. They need to be washed down with a large amount of water.

How to take?

One tablet of super vilitra must be taken orally, swallowed whole with a  lens of water.. It must be taken only as needed, about 30 minutes before an anticipated sexual activity.


Women should avoid taking them as it is not approved for them.

Those who are taking medications to treat STD’s should not take them simultaneously.

One should not take it if they are taking any kind of nitrate.

Those who have cardiovascular disease or significant heart disease should avoid taking it

Side effects:

Vardenafil  side effects are minimal, courteous and short-lived and can be caused while using inappropriately.

Overdose may also be one of the main reasons for seeing these Snovitra Super Power side effects.

Regular dosage with proper care and advice can stop these side-effects from showing up on your body.

Follow the instructions on usage of this medicine given by health care professional to avoid side-effects.

Some commonly observed side-effects are mild head ache, stomach pain or upset, vomiting, nausea, facial flushing and blur vision it is not necessary that all users are victims of these side-effects.

Consumption of regular doses of Snovitra can also stop these side-effects to show up on your body.


Store Extra Super Viagra at 77 degrees F (25 degrees C). Store away from heat, moisture, and light. Do not store in the bathroom. Keep Extra Super Viagra out of the reach of children and away from pets.


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